Save costs in your corporate meetings

Scalable and efficient cloud solution that saves most of the costs related to the organization of a corporate meeting (such as hiring different services for the announcement or voting), reduces logistics costs such as meeting rooms, and saves hours of work in the preparation and holding of a corporate meeting.

Price calculator

Councilbox's pricing is based on an annual license fee for use of the platform. The price of the license is adapted to each need according to three main criteria:

  • The level of use of the platform:

    from just one meeting a year to unlimited meetings

  • The size of the organization:

    from small organizations with less than 50 people on the census to unlimited or unknown census as in the case of listed companies.

  • Preferred type of support:

    from online support to a personal secretary who takes care of everything.

    Just 1

    Between 2 and 4

    5 or more

    Up to 200

    Between 201 and 2000


    Online support

    Phone support

    Personal Secretary

    “All-inclusive” approach

    A whole catalog of options to customize the experience

    • Guided process for convening a legally binding telematic meeting

    • “All-in-one” platform that allows you to manage the entire process from start to finish: from the certified announcement to the automatic minutes, including the holding and voting.

    • Two-factor authentication with digital certificate and biometric security

    • Advanced quorum control

    • Advanced voting functions: advance, weighted or delegated by point, face-to-face, by default…

    • Security with video recording, registration of evidence in blockchain, and traceability of notifications.

    • And many more functions


    A whole catalog of options to customize your experience

    To meet specific needs or customize the user experience, Councilbox offers a broad range of tailored services, such as:

    • On-site personal secretary:

      a Councilbox staff member will travel to the meeting room to administer the meeting

    • Remote rehearsal:

      Holding a test meeting prior to the real event

    • Additional training:

      Extra training session

    • Personalization:

      Modification of the look and feel of the tool with the client's corporate colors and logos

    • Custom domain:

      Access to the tool through a personalized domain

    • Registration portal:

      Development of a portal for registration of meeting attendees

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