Remote attendance

OVAC is a cloud-based platform that creates a new remote face-to-face service channel. Thanks to a secure video conference backed by Blockchain and the management of the entire process, we ensure that meeting are easy and secure, with electronic evidence and expert documents providing legal certainty.

End-to-end management

OVAC allows you to manage the sending of appointments, the provision of previous documentation, or the generation of minutes of the procedure, facilitating the digitalization of the process from beginning to end.


Schedule an appointment

Citizens can easily book an appointment for their procedure on any browser.


Share documentation

Citizens can share documentation with the officer in advance if needed.


Bidirectional communication

If necessary, the officer may contact the citizen prior to the appointment.


Identity verification

The citizen's identity is securely verified.


Remote attendance

Officer and citizen have a remote meeting in Councilbox's 100% secure environment.


Signing of documents and drafting of minutes

The documents are digitized and a record of everything that has happened is generated.

Easy and simple implementation

OVAC is easy and quick to implement. The procedures are carried out through a secure video conference, which replaces the face-to-face act, without the need to change any other existing system. You only need a web browser.

What makes OVAC unique?

Far-reaching video conferencing solutions Online Procedures
(virtual window)

Allows remote participation

More convenient and saving on logistics cost


People talking to people, easy and accessible

Full legal validity

Identity verification, blockchain evidence generation with full legal validity, including MiFID II

Automatic document scanning

Digital management of the entire process, digitization of submitted documents

Easy to deploy

Cloud solution ready to install


Easy integration

OVAC has an API that allows you to connect the tool to import and export information with any program or service you already have, such as appointment management, personal customer directories, reporting systems, etc.
In addition, it has connectors for the most popular methods of customer identification (FNMT certificate, digital ID, PIN) and document authoring signature. And it is continuously growing.

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Use cases


Citizen services in Public Administrations


Customer service in companies that need to accredit the information provided


Sales in highly regulated environments



funciones integradas

All in one product​

Our product guarantees the complete management of all procedures, from the appointment to the summarized minutes with expert evidence.

  • It is a secure and auditable process that allows to perform administrative tasks remotely, with full traceability.
  • We guarantee the privacy of all remote meetings.
  • We make sure documents are shared among all participants securely.
  • The implementation is simple, and you can make full use of the platform from minute one.
  • With our fully-integrated Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, no extra investment in infrastructure, networks, additional software, security, etc. is required.
  • It is accessible from the web browser, no software download is required.

Frequent questions

You can join the meeting from any of the following browsers:
- Google Chrome for Android
- Mozilla Firefox for Android
- Google Android Browser
- Google Chrome
- Microsoft Edge
- Mozilla Firefox
- Apple Safari on iOS
- Opera Mobile
- Opera
- Apple Safari
- Samsung Internet

Always updated to the latest version

By cable or Wi-Fi, at least 30 Mb/s download and at least 10 Mb/s upload.

No, you do not need to download an application to access OVAC.

On the day of the meeting, before it starts, you will be sent the access link.

You will be able to upload documents by accessing your citizen panel from the appointment confirmation email. There you can click on "My documents" and you can upload the necessary documents and/or change them.

Just follow the instructions you received in the confirmation email.

Only the official assigned to your procedure will be able to see the documents.