About us

Our Purpose

Councilbox was born in 2015 with the purpose of improving people's relations with public and private entities, through the development of technological solutions that allow citizens to hold meetings subject to regulations and administrative procedures in a simple, secure and assisted way, from anywhere and on any device.

Our history


Councilbox’s foundation

Agustín Tourón and Victor López launch the company and include it in the Vía Galicia accelerator, with the idea of providing legal certainty to remote meetings by videoconference.


Take-off of the company

Councilbox is selected in the Cuatrecasas Acelera program and new private investors are betting on the company.


Product and technology development

Blockchain technology is developed that will support the traceability of all the events of the corporate meetings to be held, including video.


Growth of the Meetings and Assemblies customer base

With the first product on the market, the volume of customers grows, and the product adapts to respond to a greater number of use cases. All types of organizations make use of the platform.


Corporate Governance Support during the pandemic

In 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic, many organizations turn to Councilbox to be able to continue their Corporate Governance activities. We have established ourselves as a benchmark in Spain for holding remote corporate meetings with legal certainty.


First institutional investors

New reference partners, such as Wayra Telefónica Innovation, Abanca and Adara Ventures, join Councilbox’s shareholders. The company starts its internationalization process.


Virtual Desktop of Digital Immediation for the Ministry of Justice

Councilbox is chosen by the Ministry of Justice as the technological solution for its innovative digital immediacy portal, developing a tailor-made solution, EVID, based on Blockchain technology and the functionalities of the platform for holding Meetings and Assemblies.


OVAC Launch

Based on the experience in EVID, we decided to develop a transversal product to support citizen service assisted by videoconference, which has full legal certainty. The Virtual Office for Citizen Service is born.


First international customers

Although from the beginning support was given to the holding of Meetings and Assemblies of multinationals and international organizations, during this year the first OVAC customers outside Spain arrived.


All types of Administrations trust OVAC

Local, Regional and National Administrations rely on OVAC to digitise personalised attention to citizens.


We market OVAC for the private sector

With the experience acquired in the Public Administration and the functionalities that the product has incorporated, we launched the Virtual Customer Service Office, aimed at corporate customers.

Our Technology

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