Councilbox: Innovative SME

Our official Innovative SME label, with which we have been recognised on 15 June 2023, is further testimony to our commitment to research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions. This official recognition endorses our research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities and reaffirms us at the forefront of technological innovation.

At Councilbox we are dedicated to making life easier for people, companies and administrations by providing technological solutions that allow processes and procedures to be carried out remotely in a more economical and efficient way, guaranteeing their legal security. We firmly believe that technology can simplify and streamline the way we interact with the world, and we have put our experience in innovation to make it happen.

Our approach is based on the development of proprietary technologies, which are built on our expertise in Blockchain and webRTC technologies, and allow us to create unique and revolutionary solutions.

In addition to our proprietary technologies, we also make intelligent use of other cutting-edge technologies, both proprietary and third party, to complement our developments and offer innovative products that adapt to the changing needs of the market and provide effective solutions in citizen services and in conducting telematic or hybrid Meetings and Assemblies.

We are proud that this innovation activity translates into tangible benefits for people, who save time and money on travel; for our customers, who save costs and improve the experience of their customers and users; and for the planet, as we reduce polluting emissions and the consumption of natural resources as a result of avoiding travel, paper and energy consumption.

At Councilbox, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.