Terms of Service

Includes information about data protection policy, terms and conditions of use, and copyright.

1. Scope of application of the subscription

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of use of councilbox.com services and other services provided by the company Councilbox Technology, S.L., with TIN B-27.815.596, with registered office at Rua das Pontes nº4, 1º, 15, 36350 Nigrán, Pontevedra (Spain), registered with the Mercantile Registry of Pontevedra. councilbox.com services include – but are not limited to – the website, the Councilbox application, blog, news, mail, forum and help section.

This subscription guarantees to the Client (for example, the legal institution that requests the subscription) the right to use the platform to hold meetings, Boards of Directors and Councilbox meetings (hereinafter, “the Platform”).

The subscription may not be used by people or organizations other than the Client. If the accounting, management, consulting, attorney firms, etc., accept the subscription on behalf of a client, they must inform the client of the terms of subscription.

Councilbox is a B2B (business to business) application, so only registered companies can request a subscription.

2. Acceptance of the subscription

When subscribing to any Councilbox plan, you are accepting the terms of subscription at www.councilbox.com.

3. Duration and end of subscription

There are free and paid plans. The differences and features of these are presented on this web page.

The subscription starts on the date the Client requests a plan with Councilbox. The subscription can be canceled at any time in Configuration>>Account>>Delete account.

Paid products include a free trial period. Once this period has ended, and if the user has not provided their credit card (or payment) details, they must enter this information to continue using the application. The billing period will start from the time the Client enters their payment information.

Payments for the different subscriptions will be charged on the credit card provided by the client. If you have a monthly subscription, the payment will be monthly. You can cancel a subscription at the end of the month and you will not be charged again. If you have an annual subscription, the payment will be yearly. You can cancel the payment subscription at the end of the subscription year. If you wish to cancel before the subscription year ends, you will not be reimbursed for the corresponding balance.

Councilbox, and therefore Councilbox Technology, S.L., may cancel a subscription without prior notice to the Client for improper use of the Platform or subscription (including – but not limited to – use or data management by other people or organizations).

4. Pricing and payment terms

The current prices, rates and subscription types can be found on the councilbox.com/precios web page and may be changed with prior notice. This notice could be made by providing the client with the new price via email, by adding a pop-up window on the Platform and/or by any other means generally used to provide pricing with a link and/or device.

It is the client’s responsibility to regularly check the website for information about any changes; they shall not reject the application of this new price but they may choose not to renew the contract.

In the case of monthly subscriptions, the first bill will cover the first month of subscription; after that, it will be automatically renewed every month. In the case of annual subscriptions, the first bill will cover the first year; after that, it will be automatically renewed every year.

If the subscription fee is not paid, the client will be notified and they will be charged again. If the payment is not received, access to the application will be blocked. Access will be unblocked upon receipt of payment. Non-payments and delays produced by causes not imputable to Councilbox Technology S.L. will be charged an additional fee of 5 euros for management expenses.

Councilbox Technology S.L. will not be held liable for damages, losses, costs, expenses or other claims made by the Client as a result of blocking the account for non-payment.

The Client agrees to use e-mail (a specific address registered by the Client) as a means of sending invoices and non-payment reminders.

5. Client Data

The Client is the owner and may use the information entered on the Platform at their sole discretion. Councilbox products only process client information according to instructions given by the client and not for its own or any other purposes.

The client’s data will be deleted when the Client cancels their subscription with Councilbox and cannot be recovered. 

6. Taxes

All prices shown do not include VAT, which will be applied at the legal rate in force. International Clients in the European Union, with their corresponding European VAT number, will be exempt from VAT.

7. Stability in operation

Councilbox Technology, with its Councilbox product, aims to provide maximum stability in its operation, but is not responsible for failures produced by causes beyond its control.

Councilbox guarantees operation of the Platform regarding absence of serious or repeated errors or flaws in the programming or compilation, as well as the custody of the information stored on its servers, and it will respond within the legal limits permitted by Spanish law, in all cases excluding damages and losses that result from an accident or improper, prohibited or unforeseen use or application, as well as for any other direct or indirect, subsequent, incidental or special damages and losses, including – but not limited to – any emergent damage or lost profits, interruption of work, breakdown, failure or loss or for any claim made by third parties as a consequence of the above. Keep in mind that the quality and speed of access to the service depends, mainly, on their computer equipment (hardware and software), their  telecommunications provider or their Internet connection, so Councilbox will not be held liable for any abnormal operation, failures, errors or damages, direct or indirect, that may be caused to the User’s IT system or to the files or documents stored on the same by or deriving from:

The capacity or quality of their IT system or the presence of a virus on the User’s computer used to access or use the products or services contracted.

Their Internet connection or access.

Poor operation of their browser or other applications installed on their computer, or use of versions that are not updated or unlicensed.

In all of these cases, Councilbox Technology has the goal of restoring operation as quickly as possible.

8. Preventive maintenance

In order to provide the best service, Councilbox Technology will make operational changes to the Platform, either to improve it or for any other purpose (for example, developing or replacing technical equipment and updating the software).

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to suspend access to the Platform, generally between 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Notices of said suspension will be sent to the client in advance.

Councilbox Technology will not be held liable for any consequence derived from said suspension when the corresponding notice has been sent.

Changes: Councilbox Technology has the right to make operational changes or updates to the Platform, either to improve it or for any other purpose.

9. Intellectual property rights

The Platform is protected by copyright laws and is solely the property of Councilbox Technology S.L.

The customized software on the Platform will also be property of Councilbox Technology unless stipulated otherwise.

Councilbox Technology can, at any time, transfer their rights and obligations based on this agreement to an associated company, affiliate or business unit or to any other company in the group.

Except as indicated above, the rights and obligations under this agreement should not be transferred to third parties without written consent from the other party.

10. Protection of the Platform

Councilbox Technology has taken reasonable measures for the Platform to be virus-free, but should the Platform become infected by a virus or similar threat, Councilbox Technology will not be responsible.

With the limitations indicated above, Councilbox Technology will be responsible for any loss as a result of errors or negligence, according to general national law on losses, but not for errors in application.

Councilbox Technology will not be held liable for any loss, consequence or indirect loss related to performance. Liability shall be limited to payment of 12 months before the incident to the client, with a maximum amount of €1,300.00.

11. Data protection and privacy

Councilbox carries out personal data processing for its Users pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), regarding the protection of individuals regarding personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, as well as LOPDGDD (for its initials in Spanish) 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights, and its implementing regulations. 

First, during the User registration process, minimum data are requested to join and use the service. These data are furthermore necessary for maintenance and management of relationships with users, as well as to be able to share news or changes. This information, along with the IP address on the machine used to access it and the session cookies (which are deleted after a short time once the browser is closed), is protected and managed by Councilbox with the proper confidentiality, applying the IT security measures established by law to prevent improper access to or use of their data, or their manipulation, deterioration or loss. These data will not be assigned to third parties except in the cases anticipated by law, notwithstanding that users may, at any time, exercise their rights of access, cancellation or rectification regarding said data, requesting this from info@councilbox.com. Councilbox will only process the data associated with the document according to the User’s instructions (data manager) and with the purpose of guaranteeing their storage and access either by the User or by individuals or institutions expressly authorized to do so, including creation of back-up copies and the provision of data recovery systems or tools.

The User may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition for their personal data in the terms set forth in LOPDGDD 3/2018, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights. They may exercise these rights at any time by sending an e-mail to info@councilbox.com with a signed request and a copy of their ID card. As for the data for conversations, these cannot be deleted from the database in the period before being automated by our systems. The User accepts this condition. Furthermore, these data are only visible for the User as a whole and the Recipient (if there is one), who must be validated by the User.

Data may be accessed on demand through a code only known by the User and issued by a notary required for that purpose by Councilbox, S.L. Councilbox will implement the security measures, both technical and organizational, to guarantee the integrity of the data, preventing their alteration or loss, or unauthorized processing or access, established in  LOPDGDD 3/2018, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights, or legislation that may replace it. To do this, we will take into account existing technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, already preventing said risks from human action or the physical or natural medium. Councilbox will not assume any other liability that is not expressly indicated in this document regarding this information.

Read our Privacy Policy regarding the terms of subscription when you subscribe Councilbox.

It is very important to read our data protection agreement carefully.

12. Liability of Councilbox Technology

Councilbox Technology, with its Councilbox product, will not be held liable, either for the contract, damage (including negligence), legal obligations, precontract or any other obligation derived from these Terms and Conditions or the application, of (a) any indirect or consequent loss or damage; or (b) any loss of prestige, corporate reputation or data; or (c) any economic loss (including – but not limited to – expected, income, earnings, contracts, business or savings). In any case, they may or may not have been advised of the possibility that such damages or losses would be produced, and in any form that these may be caused.

Councilbox Technology is not liable for third-party solutions that may be available and/or integrated in the application. Consequently, Councilbox Technology may not be liable for the correction, accuracy, update and integrity of the information or for results that have been obtained via third-party solutions. Likewise, Councilbox Technology may not be liable for the availability, security and functionality of such third-party solutions, including any damage and/or loss that may be caused by such third-party solutions.

13. Jurisdiction and competence

These Terms and Conditions should be governed and interpreted according to Spanish laws.

The Client and Councilbox Technology expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the tribunals in Vigo.

14. Change in terms and conditions

Councilbox Technology may update these Terms and Conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to regularly check the website to stay informed about any change to these Terms and Conditions.

15. Validity

These Terms and Conditions will take effect on June 1, 2015, and will replace any previous terms and conditions.