Councilbox Partner Programme: Innovation + Collaboration

We seek to develop long-term relationships with our partners in order to offer the market solutions to their needs for secure remote assitance or the holding of Meetings and Assemblies with full legal security.

Partner Ecosystem

We form alliances with digital transformation consultancies, integrators and manufacturers of software or related hardware, specialising in public administration and large companies.

We build relationships with technology partners that complement our product development capabilities to provide end-to-end citizen care solutions.

We develop long-term partnerships with Universities and Technology Centres at the forefront of innovation in the technologies that are at the heart of our differentiation.

Digital transformation consulting firms

Large companies and boutique consulting firms, specialised in proposing comprehensive digital transformation solutions with a direct impact on clients’ bottom line.

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Expert partners in the development of application integrations that allow us to take advantage of our API-based development model to integrate quickly and efficiently with our customers’ systems.

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Leading companies providing solutions and products related to the Councilbox business, with whom to offer a joint proposition to selected customers.

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Technological alliances

Solid and recognised partners in the market who provide us with their technology to provide the best experience to our customers in an integrated environment.

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Universities and Technology Centres

Public institutions dedicated to research in cybersecurity, Blockchain and advanced video technologies, with whom we develop research and development programmes that result in differential functionalities or products.

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Our partners


OVAC Certified Partner Programme

The marketing of our OVAC product requires commercial and technical knowledge to be able to propose the best solution to potential customers. We offer a Partner Training and Certification programme, in which your sales, pre-sales and technical teams will develop the consulting, configuration and integration skills needed to get the most out of your product, with the best customer experience.

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Become part of our network and offer the best remote service with legal security to your clients.