OVAC: the opportunity for legally secure video-assisted care

Participate in the growing business of the digital transformation of citizen services, with the only product that provides the necessary legal security and all the functionalities to carry out any type of procedure or service process in a video-assisted manner.


Integrable with client software: APIfied product.

Deployment flexibility (SaaS, dedicated SaaS, etc.)

In need of professional services

A differential product, the only one with complete legal security.


OVAC Training and Certification Programme

Programme designed to train our partners in the commercialisation of the product, implementation consultancy, configuration and start-up and integration with the client’s software, making use of the API.

The certification enables the partner to market OVAC and start working as a reseller or integrator. It consists of two certifications:

OVAC Consultant

Aimed at business consultants and KAMs, it allows to know the value proposition, the differential elements and the functionalities of the product, with the level of detail necessary to be autonomous throughout the sales cycle.

OVAC Technical Specialist

Aimed at the partner’s developers, it allows them to know the details of the OVAC APIs and make use of them, so that they can carry out integrations with the clients’ software.

Training is conducted remotely and certification is obtained by passing an online placement test.

Our certified partners


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