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Accessible, flexible and secure digital transformation of service, advice and administration processes, from person to person.

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A single application to model any care process

OVAC allows the management of appointments, the provision and storage of related documents, reliable identification, the collection of data in forms and questionnaires, the acceptance of consents and the advanced signature of documents.

All these phases of the process can be carried out with the assistance of a professional, through a private and certified messaging channel and/or through secure and certified video calls, where applicants can be advised and guided in a more personal and closer way.


Appointment scheduling

If an appointment needs to be made between a service professional and a citizen or customer, it can be scheduled in the application, either in person or online via video call.

The customer decides and configures the agenda and how appointments can be scheduled, either by the applicants, by the professionals who will be assisting the applicants, or by their automatic creation via API from an existing application.

The organization decides and configures the agenda and how the appointments can be scheduled, either by the applicants, by the professionals who will assist the applicants, or by their automatic creation via API from an existing application.


Secure, private and certified exchange of documentation

Once an appointment has been requested or a procedure has been carried out without the need to make an appointment with a professional, the applicant has access to a private documentation portal with protected access.

On the portal, the applicant can consult or download the models of the documents to be submitted, the relevant regulations or any other document that the organisation wishes to make available.

On the same portal, the applicant can upload the documents needed to complete the procedure. If there is an appointment by video call, this can be done before or during the appointment.

The professional receives notifications about the provision of documents and can validate or reject the documents and communicate the reasons to the applicant, saving time in the appointment if it is held.


Private, secure and certified messaging

Applicants and professionals have a private and certified messaging channel to clarify doubts or questions, either for procedures for which there will be no appointment between the two, or for these.

This channel is private and certified, and the messages exchanged between the two parties are recorded.


Verification of the applicant's identity

The applicant's identity is verified and authenticated by one or more of the following methods, at the customer's choice: facial biometrics, one-time code sent to the applicant's mobile phone, presentation of personal digital certificate, presentation of identity document and proof of life in a video call.

Authentication can be configured differently for each type of process and can be requested at different points in the process: before requesting an appointment, when accessing the documentation portal, before accessing a video call or during the video call itself.


Videoconferencing to make an appointment

The applicant and the care professional can hold a secure and certified video call in which the steps necessary to complete the procedure can be carried out in a guided manner.

The professional guides the video call, which can be recorded in different formats, always with the prior consent of the applicant, and can request consents, biometric or proof of life identifications, fill in forms and questionnaires and sign documentation with a valid digital certificate without the need for the applicant to provide their personal certificate if they do not have or cannot use it at that time.

It is not necessary to install any software or application on the applicant's computer, which can be accessed from their mobile phone or any other device with a browser, microphone and camera.


Signature and custody of documents

The applicant can sign the documents to be signed with his/her personal certificate or by entering a one-time code received by SMS on his mobile phone.

All signed documents are securely stored in the application for five years and can be retrieved at any time by the applicant or the organisation.


One single tool
One single provider
No installations 
No specific hardware or software requirements
Accessible from dedicated points of care

Legal certainty

Full end-to-end traceability
Guarantees of no contest
Guarantees against tamper and impersonation
Guarantees of non-intrusion


Configuration of all types of processes and procedures
Easy integration with third parties
Possibility of tailor-made developments
Different options for deployment
Compliance with specific regulations

For Public Administrations

Virtual Office for Citizen Care

Procedures of citizens with Ministries, Regional Governments, City Councils, Police and any type of Administration, assisted by civil servants.

Public administration services accessible to anyone, anywhere, without the need to travel and with personalised attention.

Service certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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For Private Sector

Virtual Office for Customer Care

Personalised remote attention with full validity and regulatory compliance.

Auditable and fully traceable advice and support.

Administrative processes with remote external or internal collaborators

Modular and scalable solution that can be integrated via API, with the ability to address all types of processes.

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Large administrations


Configured procedures


Scheduled appointments


Video-attentions made


Average citizen's rating


Proprietary technologies and partner connectors

OVAC technology

Our virtual office is supported by a range of proprietary and third-party technologies that enable us to provide a single, global solution for all the management, security and privacy requirements of any type of procedure or administrative process.

We use proprietary blockchain technology to ensure traceability of all events at a controlled cost, as well as to implement video calls based on webRTC, which ensures privacy, protection against deep fakes, and optimal integration with blockchain and developed application logics.

We work with recognised technology partners and integrate their technology for specific functionalities such as biometric identification or advanced signatures using digital certificates issued by a qualified eIDAS provider.

OVAC is open and modular and can be integrated with customer applications thanks to its REST API architecture.

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