Discover the future of corporate meetings

A cloud-based, intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows you to convene and hold remote or mixed meetings with an unlimited number of users.

Easier process from start to finish

Councilbox meetings and assemblies facilitates and automates the entire legal process of convening, quorum verification, agenda items, weighting and delegation of votes, automatic generation of minutes, participation results, and many other features designed to make convening and holding a corporate meetings easier than ever.


Creation of a meeting according to the statutes

For each type of meeting or voting process you wish to hold, you can create a meeting type with the specific characteristics and needs of the entity and the meeting.
From proxy voting to quorum requirements and casting votes... Councilbox can cover all the legal needs of your entity.


Send announcement

Once the meeting has been created, an invitation can be sent to all participants. You will be able to track the status of the invitation (open, delivered to mailbox, etc.).
In addition, if desired, attendees can be given the option of indicating their intention to attend (in person or online), or even delegate and anticipate the vote


Voting management: proxy and advance voting

From the platform it is possible to manage all proxy and advance voting, which may be received through the attendance confirmation of the meeting announcement, through physical ballots or through a shareholders’ portal. It will also be possible to manage voting limitations and much more.


Remote or hybrid meeting

Once the date of the meeting arrives, the event can be held entirely online or it can be a hybrid meeting (partly online and partly offline). In this way, all participants can attend as they choose.

If the meeting is hybrid, participants may vote in the room as usual (by show of hands, ballot box…) or through their mobile devices.


Remote participation with managed speaking turns

Remote participants may be given managed speaking slots. They may ask to speak, and the administrator will decide when to give them the floor.


Generation of minutes and legal evidence

Once the meeting is over and the votes have been cast, the platform creates an automatic, downloadable and editable record that can be sent to the attendees. In addition, all the people who attended the meeting are also recorded along with all the evidence that Councilbox collects and the recording of the meeting is saved.

Safety at the core

Councilbox is designed from the core to ensure security and legal validity, guaranteeing the safety of information and providing legal validity. Thanks to the integrated blockchain platform, Councilbox creates immutable and legally valid evidence of everything that happens throughout the entire process. To date, no challenge to a meeting held via Councilbox has been successful.

What makes Councilbox Meetings unique?

face-to-face meeting
Widespread Video Conferencing Solutions

Allows remote participation

More convenient and saving on logistics cost

Facilitates the process from start to finish

From certified announcement, automatic quorum control to proxy voting or automatic minutes...

Full legal validity

Identity verification, blockchain evidence generation with full legal validity

Personal secretary service (optional)

Councilbox experts are at your service to help you with the management of the whole announcement process, administration of the meeting, etc.


Personal Secretary

Our product is much more than the best platform to hold legally valid remote meetings. With the personal secretary service, we take care of everything and manage the meeting remotely...or even in person.

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Use cases


Shareholders’ Meetings


Professional Association Boards


Compensation Boards


Federation Boards


Project Monitoring Committees


Workers' Assemblies


Steering Committees


And any remote or hybrid meeting with legal validity.

funciones integradas


An extraordinarily powerful platform for convening and holding corporate meetings with all the advanced functions that a legal meeting may require.

  • Certified announcement with two-factor authentication or digital certificate.
  • Advanced quorum control
  • Participants’ registration portal
  • Advanced voting functions (early, weighted or proxy by item, face-to-face, by default)
  • Automated management of the minutes (comments, resolutions, automatic drafting, sending and approval in real time, filing and custody)
  • Secure meetings with video recording, evidence registration in blockchain, traceability of notifications…

Frequent questions

No, you will simply receive an email from which you can access the meeting.

The link will be received via email a few hours before the meeting starts. It is correct that you have not received an link with the convocation email, as you will receive a new email with the link the day of the meeting

If you have not indicated this up to one hour before the meeting starts, it will not be possible, as you will not receive an email with the access link. You could request a listener/guest link from the administrator.

If you have delegated your vote through the announcement email (confirmation of attendance) and later:

You want to delegate to another person: in that same email you can follow the steps again and select another person to whom you want to delegate and the change will be registered.

You want to attend: in that same email you must follow the steps and choose to attend remotely or in person instead of delegating vote.

You will be able to do this until the room is open, about an hour before the meeting. If this change comes later than that you will have to contact the administrator

If you have delegated via portal or ballot, you will need to contact the administrator.

If you have indicated your attendance through the announcement email (intention to attend), you only have to go back to that email and change the attendance from on-site to remote in order to notify the administrator. You will be able to do this until the room opens, which is about an hour before the meeting.

In any case, even if you don’t follow the steps mentioned above, once you don’t attend meeting in person, you will receive the access link.

No, the direction of the vote to be made will be the one indicated prior to the meeting.

Your email server may have blocked the email with your login link. Please check your Spam or promotions folder.

You can also search for in your email manager.

If you still can't find your email, contact the meeting administrator to send a new email.

Verify that you have requested your password and that the ending of your mobile phone number is correct.

You can contact the meeting administrator and ask them to resend your password.

You will be able to connect to the meeting from the same email, once you reset your access conditions or change your device.

If the meeting has no room access limit, you will be able to connect whenever you want.

You may find yourself in the summary section instead of the agenda section. Click again on the agenda

If you are still unable to vote, check that you are eligible to vote.

Councilbox allows you to speak or write (if the administrator has enabled these options).

You must click on the floor icon located at the bottom left of your screen. A pop-up message will appear asking if you want to request the floor, which you must accept and wait for the administrator to give you the floor.