Our profound technical know-how and our constant search for new trends allow us to bring out the best from each technology and to offer the most suitable solution for remote processes with legal support.

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In each process, Councilbox generates thousands of pieces of evidence that require immutability and timestamps. These two features make blockchain the perfect technology to become a distributed and decentralized trusted third party. However, most existing blockchain networks are not scalable in terms of write speed and costs.
Councilbox has developed a solution: a parallel blockchain platform (sidechain) that allows to configure specific safety features and to create massive blockchain evidence (of the existence of a particular digital content or an event at a certain moment in time). That evidence can be stored in one or several main blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin...) and audited by third parties.
This platform manages the video conference, records the necessary events (log in, log out, geolocation, frame capture, operating system...) in blockchain, and generates the video minutes.



Traditional proprietor videoconferencing apps are not aimed at offering mechanisms for audits, traffic control and connectivity, which are necessary for certified videoconferencing processes.

Councilbox has developed a certified videoconferencing platform based on open source webrtc technology. This technology allows broadcasting of encrypted video, audio, and data from a browser.

Digital signature

Councilbox uses a digital signature technology for processes that require one or several users to protect, verify, and seal the content of one or more documents with their digital signature.
According to the safety level required, three types of signatures are offered:

  • Simple or basic electronic signature (SES)
  • Advanced digital or electronic signature (AES)
  • Qualified electronic signature (QES)

To create and store these signatures, Councilbox develops signature modules by integrating the technologies of third-party suppliers certified by EIDAS.


Councilbox employs digital identification in processes that require the verification of a person’s identity. This is a necessary process to ensure that the individual who is carrying out an action is who they claim to be. To do so, cryptographic signature mechanisms, video conferencing identification or third-party biometric systems are used.


Certified electronic delivery

Councilbox has developed two modules for certified electronic notification (email and SMS). These services certify the evidence of the sending, receipt, and opening of an email or SMS, as well as of any attachment. The certification and timestamp of this evidence are recorded through the blockchain platform.


Electronic voting

Councilbox has developed an electronic voting module that identifies the voter in advance and guarantees the integrity of the voters’ data. It allows for the different types of votes that can be found in most meetings: roll-call vote, secret vote, and in-person remote vote.

This module allows safe anticipated voting and proxy voting.


Modular and expandable

Councilbox's architecture has been designed in a modular, expandable way so that new processes and use cases can be modeled from existing features for signature, video conferencing, identification, electronic notification, etc. New features can also be developed to add new functionalities or to substitute any of the existing ones in the process flow.

Finally, all the data for each process can be accessed via API for the integration of third-party apps or services.