Collective Intelligence Supported by Security Aware Nodes (CISSAN) – EN





Councilbox Technology is part of the international collaboration project CISSAN, which is part of the European innovation cluster EUREKA CELTIC-NEXT.

This CDTI-funded project involves companies from Austria, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey and Spain.


Objective of CISSAN


Research and develop the basic modules of an innovative system that ensures the intelligent monitoring of all necessary events in a consensus protocol distributed by smart IoT nodes.


Councilbox’s mission in the project


Councilbox’s mission within the project is to provide the necessary traceability to guarantee the reliability and robustness of the complete system to be developed in the CISSAN project.

The main functionality of the intelligent and distributed event notarisation system to be developed in the IoT environment is to act as an intelligent supervisory element of the nodes (distributed consensus protocol) and their corresponding transactions in an IoT network, generating electronic evidence.

The system will also add a further element of public auditing of events, which will be inserted in a bundled form into public blockchain transactions (L1) to make them verifiable by third parties.

In this way we will contribute to developing a collective intelligence model for the IoT network by increasing security and privacy.


Challenges and lines of development


At Councilbox we are working on an interoperable platform with an evidence format defined according to standards:

  • PNE 71308 – Digital Enabling Technologies. Use of Blockchain and Distributed Registry Technologies to manage Digital Evidence.
  • PNE 71307-2 Digital Enabling Technologies.


The works to be carried out by Councilbox will be:

  • Analysis and identification of the technological requirements of the notarisation system for use in IoT networks in terms of latency, bandwidth and storage.
  • Definition of the decentralised architecture of the notarisation system for IoT with the objective of greater scalability in the ingestion, processing and hashing of evidence.
  • Electronic certification system with blockchain technology of the different actions/events carried out by IoT nodes.
  • Electronic evidence retrieval system for verification. A new and innovative system that ensures intelligent monitoring of all necessary events in the consensus protocol distributed by IoT smart nodes will be analysed and developed.

This work will end with a proof of concept to validate the behaviour of the developments and the extraction of results.